Orlandus Branch, President

word-cloudSince joining Security Fencing Company in 2008, Orlandus has made the greatest impact on the company through his new marketing initiatives. He has implemented team building and quality systems, leading to cost reductions and decreased inventory levels, and launched a mentoring plan that develops junior mechanics. His work has added new divisions, and expanded the regional footprint of the company.

With decades of experience managing various projects, and a manufacturing business, Orlandus Branch offers a unique blend of leadership, vision and knowledge. He has held executive leadership roles in several other organizations, and has demonstrated his ability to improve efficiency, reduce cost, streamline organizations and improve morale.

Orlandus served as Team Leader for Philip Morris manufacturing products for many years, where he increased productivity, reduced waste, improved quality and reduced grievances to levels never achieved before, through his unique philosophy of employee empowerment and team building. He advocates for a “closest to and most knowledgeable decision making tree,” leading to a more streamlined organization, which became the model throughout the organization. Through his leadership, Philip Morris’s “Best Manufacturing Practices” were expanded to numerous other departments worldwide.

Orlandus also continues to consult and provide analysis to various companies in the areas of:

  • Quality systems,
  • Recognition implementations,
  • Product flow,
  • Best manufacturing practices,
  • Problem solving,
  • Employee mentoring and
  • Process management.

Orlandus’ current focus is to continue to grow the company’s footprint, share institutional knowledge through his mentoring program, and expand its community presence.

Staff Members

  • Van Little, Treasurer, Guardrail Sales and Installation
  • Elvis Manley, Manager of Sales and Installation
  • Jeanne Branch, IT and Marketing
  • A. Holmes, Supplies and Administration
  • Nelson Dublin, Safety and Maintenance
  • Spencer Savage, Sign Installation

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